Pitboss rules and notes


Double turns

It is possible to take a 'double turn' in the game by being the last to finish for one turn and then the first to finish the one after that. This has a positive effect because it speeds the game up, but the downside is that it can be exploited for military advantage by moving twice before your opponent has a chance to react.

So to keep the upside of double turns while eliminating (or at least minimizing) the downside, the rule is that if you are at war with another player (or are about to go to war with them, eg. sneak attacks) then you mustn't take two turns before they've had a chance to take one, or in other words you cannot go after them in one turn and before them in the next.

You can use the civstats log page for the game, or the RSS feeds from the same page, to tell if the other player has taken their turn (ask me about this if you don't know what I'm talking about).

One exception: you may always take your turn when 12 hours have passed on the turn timer (since the timer seems to run slow this will probably be a bit more than 12 real hours), regardless of whether they have taken their turn or not, otherwise it'd risk you not having a chance to take your turn at all. Ideally though, you should talk to your opponent(s) and come to an arrangement about the order you are going to take your turns in.

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Exiting the game

Please exit to the game menu first then quit the game, rather than exiting directly from the game. The latter method seems to be causing some problems on my end... it's not a big deal if forget to do it, it just saves me some hassle.

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Gifting of cities

Players who are in a state of war may not gift their cities to any other players. This is to prevent the following scenario: player A marches forces up to player B's city, player B then gives the city to player C (possibly in exchange for gold) to prevent player A (who is not at war with player C) from capturing it.

Of course you may gift cities to the person who was threatening them anyway... perhaps in exchange for a cease fire (ie. a conditional surrender).

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Missed turns

Anyone who misses 3 consecutive turns (which would entail not taking a turn for at least 72 hours) without notifying me that they are going to be away will be replaced by an AI player immediately and then replaced by a human player as soon as is convenient. Once you have been replaced by a human you will not be able to take your game back.

To notify me of planned absences, you should either send me a PM or an email, and you should also rename yourself in the game to 'on holiday' or something like that, in case I miss your email (it's happened in the past). Note that I must have heard from you in some way, it won't be enough to say that you tried, if you rename yourself in the game there's no plausible way I can miss it.

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No non-scouting open borders agreements

Because this caused a recent dispute (as I'm writing this), I am simply going to solve the issue by banning any kind of 'non scouting open borders agreement'. In other words, while you have an open borders agreement with someone, they WILL be able to send scouts, explorers, and other non-military units into your borders. Whether you allow military units is your decision, if you don't want to let them through make sure the other player knows this, in which case they will probably insist that it be the same case for your units (and rightly so).

So if you want to keep your borders closed, you're simply going to have to bite the bullet and give up the trade routes as well.

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No rushes before 3500BC

To be more specific: no declarations of war are allowed until after 3500BC, otherwise you just know some poor (perhaps inexperienced) sap is going to be gone before they have a chance to do anything. You may however make preparations for a rush in this time, as long as it doesn't necessitate a declaration of war before 3500BC, this includes killing scouts and other units.

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I will only notify players of a connection outage if someone tells me that the connection is down, otherwise I will assume that no one noticed and hence probably won't bother (although I may do so anyway, particularly for extended outages, but don't count on it).

If you can't connect I suggest waiting 15 minutes and trying again (in case I'm rebooting or some such), and if that fails post a message saying so on the game thread (I get email notification when there's a new post) or email me directly if you want to be really sure.

If the server itself goes down (necessitating a reload) I'll reload from the most recent save that has at least 12 hours left on the timer (which is really about 14 hours since the timer runs slow), so that people will still have a reasonable amount of time to finish the turn or at least to email me to tell me they won't have time to take their turn. I'll also send out an email to notify about the reload.

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Requesting reloads

If you can't connect because of a connection problem on my end, you may request (and will almost certainly be granted) a reload, which means I will reload the game from the most recent autosave (which I think is when the most recent player to log in ended their turn) so that you have time to take your turn. Please only request this if you think that you'll miss your turn without the reload.

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If you're going to be away from your computer for a while and think you'll miss more than a couple of turns, let me know in advance. If it's a short enough time (say, about three turns or less) then just queue up enough actions and we'll let the timer run out, but if it's going to be longer then you'll need to find a temporary replacement or alternatively I can let the AI run it, but I'm not willing to let the timer run out for extended periods of time as it holds up the game.

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In closing...

In a game as complex as Civ there are undoubtedly going to be grey areas which will need to be addressed, so where the letter of the law is unclear, try to play by it's spirit, and if you think another player has broken a rule wait to hear their side of the story before you start throwing accusations around, in case it's simply a misunderstanding. Where there is any dispute, I am the final word on such matters... ideally we would have a non-player observing the game to act as a referee, but this is not football, so you're simply going to have to rely on my objectivity as a host which I keep separate from my aspirations as a player. If that's not good enough for you then find another server.

That said I'm happy to enter into discussion concerning clarifications of the rules and requests for changes.

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